5 Best Restaurants Uptown Saint John NB

Uptown Saint John features a dynamic culinary landscape, highlighted by notable restaurants such as Port City Royal, Britt’s Pub and Eatery Uptown, Italian by Night, East Coast Bistro, and Church Street Steak House. These establishments offer distinct characteristics ranging from signature dishes, ambiance, pricing, customer feedback, and reservation policies.

This article aims to examine the unique qualities that distinguish these restaurants as essential destinations in Uptown Saint John, New Brunswick. It will provide insight into the flavors and dining experiences that await visitors in this picturesque Canadian city.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try the unique and delicious signature dishes at Port City Royal, Britt’s Pub and Eatery Uptown, Italian by Night, East Coast Bistro, and Church Street Steak House in Uptown Saint John.
  • Experience the diverse and inviting ambience of these top rated restaurants, perfect for a date night or special occasion.
  • Enjoy a range of prices at these restaurants, catering to all budgets and offering great value for the high quality food and service.

1. Port City Royal

Port City Royal in Uptown Saint John is a local restaurant known for its fine dining experience, offering a mix of Canadian cuisine with a focus on fresh seafood and locally sourced ingredients.

Patrons at Port City Royal can expect a dining experience that combines culinary artistry with cozy sophistication. The menu includes innovative dishes that showcase the freshness of the seafood, such as seafood platters or lobster tail. What distinguishes this restaurant is its dedication to using ingredients sourced directly from local farmers and fishermen, ensuring flavorful and sustainable meals. The ambiance is warm and inviting, with a rustic yet chic decor that complements the flavors served on each plate.

2. Britt’s Pub and Eatery Uptown

Britt’s Pub and Eatery Uptown has the ambiance of an authentic Irish pub, providing a comfortable setting for customers to enjoy typical pub food, tasty burgers, and a variety of beverages. The welcoming atmosphere at Britt’s makes it a popular choice for individuals looking for a taste of Ireland in the city center.

Upon entering, the establishment’s warm wooden decor, soft lighting, and friendly conversations establish a hospitable setting ideal for savoring a substantial meal or socializing over a drink. The burgers, a specialty of the house, are expertly prepared and generously garnished, often paired with a local craft beer.

Alongside classics like fish and chips and shepherd’s pie, Britt’s menu offers an enticing array of traditional Irish dishes that cater to both the taste buds and the spirit.

3. Italian by Night

Italian by Night provides a culinary experience that explores the flavors of Italy in the center of Uptown Saint John, combining traditional Italian dishes with innovative fusion creations in a stylish, contemporary setting.

The varied Italian menu at Italian by Night presents a combination of classic dishes like creamy risotto and hearty lasagna alongside modern fusion choices such as truffle-infused pizzas and seafood pasta with a contemporary twist. The restaurant’s modern design features, including sleek furniture, soft lighting, and elegant tableware, combine to offer a sophisticated dining experience that transports patrons to the vibrant streets of Rome or the charming cafes of Tuscany.

4. East Coast Bistro

East Coast Bistro showcases the culinary heritage of the East Coast through a menu that blends traditional flavors with a modern twist. The selection is enhanced by a variety of craft beers and spirits from their own distillery.

Each dish at East Coast Bistro incorporates a touch of coastal charm, appealing to food enthusiasts. The chefs prioritize using fresh, local ingredients to infuse authenticity and flavor into every plate. By combining traditional recipes with innovative culinary techniques, the dining experience offers both familiarity and excitement. Guests have the opportunity to explore the on-site craft beers and spirits, adding a distinct element to the overall ambiance.

5. Church Street Steak House

Church Street Steak House is a well-known dining spot in Uptown Saint John, celebrated for its delicious steaks expertly crafted by their skilled chefs, transforming each dish into a distinctive masterpiece.

The menu at Church Street Steak House offers a variety of tempting steak choices, all carefully selected by the talented culinary team. From flawlessly seared filet mignon to flavorful ribeye selections, each dish highlights the chef’s commitment to quality and precision.

What distinguishes this steakhouse is its dedication to utilizing locally sourced ingredients, guaranteeing that each bite not only tastes great but also supports the community. Guests can also enjoy unique culinary options, including aged steaks seasoned with special house-made blends or succulent Wagyu beef cuts that melt in your mouth.

What Makes These Restaurants Stand Out in Uptown Saint John?

Uptown Saint John features a variety of restaurants offering Canadian and international cuisine, making it a culinary hub that appeals to both locals and tourists. The area’s location near the waterfront adds to the dining experience, enhancing Uptown’s appeal as a destination for food enthusiasts seeking to explore New Brunswick’s culinary scene.

Local festivals like the Seafood Festival and the Harvest Festival showcase the region’s culinary diversity in a grand manner, highlighting the talents of local chefs and providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy unique dishes against the backdrop of waterfront views. The combination of delicious food and scenic waterfront settings creates a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of Uptown’s dynamic food culture.

What Are the Signature Dishes at Each Restaurant?

Each of the featured restaurants in Uptown Saint John offers signature dishes that showcase the culinary expertise of their chefs, providing customers with a unique and memorable dining experience.

  • Port City Royal is recognized for its crispy fish tacos topped with tangy slaw and housemade salsa, while Britt’s Pub and Eatery Uptown entices diners with their renowned fish and chips, featuring freshly caught cod and crispy fries.
  • Italian by Night captivates guests with their traditional lasagna, bursting with flavors of hearty meat sauce and creamy cheese. East Coast Bistro impresses with their delicious pan-seared scallops served with a vibrant citrus butter sauce.
  • Church Street Steak House highlights their flavorful aged ribeye steak, expertly grilled to juicy perfection.

What Is the Ambiance Like at These Restaurants?

The dining ambiance at the featured restaurants in Uptown Saint John varies, ranging from cozy and inviting to modern and sophisticated. This provides a diverse range of atmospheres to accommodate different dining preferences.

One of the restaurants, known for its cozy charm, features warm lighting, plush seating, and rustic wooden accents that create a welcoming environment reminiscent of a European bistro. In contrast, another restaurant offers a more contemporary vibe with sleek minimalist decor, clean lines, and artistic elements that evoke a sense of urban elegance. These distinct ambiance styles complement the unique cuisines served at each establishment, enhancing the overall dining experience for patrons seeking diverse culinary adventures.

What Are the Average Prices at These Restaurants?

The pricing at the featured restaurants in Uptown Saint John is aligned with the quality of the Canadian cuisine they offer, catering to various budgets and preferences.

From cozy cafes to upscale eateries, guests can find breakfast or lunch options priced between $10-$30, and dinner options ranging from $20-$50. Some establishments may have special promotions like happy hour deals or prix-fixe menus, providing added value for diners.

There are also occasional seasonal discounts or loyalty programs that offer discounts or complimentary items to frequent visitors, enhancing the dining experience beyond just the food itself.

What Are the Customer Reviews for These Restaurants?

The customer reviews for the featured restaurants in Uptown Saint John emphasize the exceptional food, service, and overall dining experience that patrons have enjoyed, making them highly recommended dining destinations in the area.

Diners have consistently praised the delectable dishes served at these establishments, with many noting the freshness of ingredients and creative presentation. The attentive and friendly staff have been commended for their impeccable service, adding a personal touch to the dining experience. The ambiance of these restaurants has also been lauded, with customers often mentioning the cozy and inviting atmosphere that enhances their meal. Special events and festivals hosted by these dining spots have been particularly well-received, providing guests with unique and memorable dining experiences.

Are Reservations Required at These Restaurants?

Making reservations at the featured restaurants in Uptown Saint John is recommended, especially during peak times and special events, to ensure a seamless dining experience without any delays or wait times.

By reserving a table in advance, diners can secure their spot and avoid disappointment when venues are crowded. To make a reservation, guests can typically call the restaurant directly, use online booking platforms, or visit the establishment in person. When booking, it’s advisable to provide the number of guests, any special dietary requirements, and preferred seating arrangements, if applicable. Some restaurants may have specific guidelines for reservations, such as requiring prepayment for large groups or setting a time limit for dining during busy periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 best restaurants uptown saint john new brunswick?

The 5 best restaurants in uptown saint john new brunswick are Port City Royal, Britt’s Pub and Eatery Uptown, Italian by Night, East Coast Bistro, and Church Street Steak House.

What is the contact information for Port City Royal in uptown saint john NB?

The contact information for Port City Royal in uptown saint john new brunswick is N/A, 45 Grannan St.

Which restaurant in uptown saint john new brunswick serves British pub food?

Britt’s Pub and Eatery Uptown in uptown saint john new brunswick serves British pub food.

What type of cuisine does Italian by Night in uptown saint john new brunswick offer?

Italian by Night in uptown saint john new brunswick offers Italian cuisine.

Where is East Coast Bistro located in uptown saint john new brunswick?

East Coast Bistro is located at 60 Prince William St in uptown saint john new brunswick.

Is there a steakhouse in uptown saint john new brunswick?

Yes, Church Street Steak House is located at 10 Grannan St in uptown saint john new brunswick.

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