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If you are seeking legal representation in Saint John, New Brunswick, you have come to the right place. We present an overview of the top lawyers in the area, detailing their practice areas and selection methodology. Our list includes the top 5 lawyers in Saint John, ranging from Zed Law Office to Feenan Law.

We provide guidance on how to select the right lawyer for your specific needs and also list additional reputable law firms in the region. Stay tuned for responses to commonly asked questions regarding lawyers in Saint John.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zed Law Office, 1 Dennis Boyle, Mosher Chedore, Feenan Law, and Brenton Kean are the top 5 lawyers in Saint John, NB.
  • When looking for a lawyer in Saint John, NB, make sure to consider their practice areas and methodology for selection.
  • Other highly recommended lawyers in Saint John, NB include Gillis Rodney J, Northrup & Company, Carleton Law Group, Gilbert McGloan Gillis, and Feenan Law.

Overview of Lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick

Legal professionals in Saint John, New Brunswick provide a wide range of legal services, specializing in various practice areas, including family law to address legal matters concerning divorce, custody, support, and family property.

Situated in the active legal environment of Canada, Saint John is distinguished as a center for expert legal services. Families in the area benefit from a pool of experienced lawyers who handle not only the complexities of family law but also a variety of legal issues. These legal professionals address a range of matters, from estate planning to real estate transactions, with accuracy and professionalism. By nurturing a community of skilled professionals, Saint John establishes itself as a preferred destination for individuals seeking high-quality legal assistance.

Practice Areas Offered

Lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick, specialize in various practice areas, including family law, dispute resolution through collaborative law and mediation, and staying updated on relevant statutes to provide effective legal representation.

Family law is a crucial area of practice for lawyers in Saint John, involving matters such as divorce, child custody, and spousal support. Having expertise in family law enables lawyers to navigate complex emotional situations with compassion and legal acumen. Skilled in dispute resolution techniques like collaborative law and mediation is essential for resolving conflicts outside of court, promoting amicable resolutions. Staying abreast of statutes and legal regulations holds great significance in legal practice, ensuring that lawyers provide accurate and up-to-date counsel to their clients.

Methodology for Selection

The process of selecting lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick involves assessing their professional experience, peer reviews, and conducting surveys to ensure clients receive high-quality legal services.

Professional experience is a critical factor in this evaluation, showcasing the lawyer’s depth of knowledge and expertise in handling various legal matters. Peer reviews also play a significant role, offering insights from other legal professionals who have collaborated closely with the lawyer. Surveys provide valuable feedback from past clients, emphasizing the lawyer’s ability to communicate effectively, offer sound legal advice, and achieve favorable outcomes. By considering these multiple criteria, clients can be confident in choosing a top lawyer who is well-prepared to address their legal needs.

Top Lawyers in Saint John, NB

Explore the top lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick, known for their excellence in legal practice. For instance, Maria, who holds degrees from St. Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick, is one such lawyer.

One notable lawyer is Alex, a skilled legal professional who graduated from the University of New Brunswick Law School. With a focus on corporate law, Alex is widely recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in Saint John. Another prominent figure is Sarah, who possesses a Juris Doctor from Dalhousie University. Her specialization in family law has established her as one of the most esteemed legal experts in the area. These distinguished lawyers have consistently showcased their commitment and expertise in managing intricate legal issues.

Zed Law Office

The Zed Law Office, co-headed by Mike and Nadia, provides professional legal services in Saint John, New Brunswick, covering a broad spectrum of practice areas to address diverse client requirements. With their comprehensive legal expertise and experience, Mike and Nadia are proficient in managing various legal issues including real estate transactions, family law, estate planning, and business law. Clients of Zed Law Office receive individualized attention and customized strategies to efficiently accomplish their legal objectives. Whether clients need help with contract drafting, dispute resolution, or courtroom representation, Mike and Nadia possess the skills to navigate the intricacies of the legal system with commitment and professionalism.

1 Dennis Boyle

Dennis Boyle, a lawyer from the New Brunswick Bar, has been honored with the title of Queen’s Counsel, reflecting his exceptional legal skills and commitment to the profession. He has been influential in the legal field throughout his illustrious career, garnering recognition for his expertise across various areas of law. Known for his integrity and professionalism, Dennis Boyle has earned the respect and praise of both his colleagues and clients.

His dedication to justice and advocacy for individual rights has established him as a reliable legal advisor within the community. Through his strong work ethic and unwavering commitment, he continues to set a high standard for legal professionals nationwide.

2 Mosher Chedore

Mosher Chedore is well-known for offering high-quality legal services in litigation, insurance, and personal injury cases, showing a dedication to achieving positive results for their clients.

Known for their expertise and extensive experience in handling intricate legal issues, Mosher Chedore excels at carefully analyzing cases, devising strategic approaches, and advocating vigorously on behalf of their clients. With a strong emphasis on providing individualized attention and customized solutions, they have established a solid reputation for securing successful outcomes and ensuring client satisfaction. Their commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity distinguishes them in the legal field, making them a trusted advisor for individuals seeking legal representation.

3 Feenan Law

Feenan Law is known for its expertise in offering legal services in labour, employment, and administrative law to clients in Saint John, New Brunswick. Their focus on these specific areas of law allows them to have a deep understanding of workplace dynamics, disputes, and regulatory frameworks. By keeping up-to-date with local and national labour laws, they ensure that clients receive personalized advice and strong representation.

Beyond handling individual cases, Feenan Law also plays a significant role in shaping and refining legal standards in these specialized practice areas. Their proactive approach in anticipating legal challenges and providing innovative solutions distinguishes them as trusted advisors in the legal community.

4 Brenton Kean

Brenton Kean is an experienced lawyer recognized for his proficiency in civil litigation, managing a range of legal matters, notably family property disputes, with an emphasis on delivering effective legal resolutions for clients. With extensive experience, Brenton has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate intricate family property disputes with precision and insight.

His commitment to grasping the distinct requirements of each client distinguishes him, enabling him to personalize his legal strategies for optimal results. Clients value Brenton’s proactive approach to addressing their concerns and his unwavering pursuit of justice in every case he undertakes. His history of successful resolutions underscores his dedication to providing exceptional legal services that surpass expectations.

Tips for Finding Lawyers in Saint John, NB

When looking for legal representation in Saint John, New Brunswick, it is important to consider tips for finding lawyers experienced in various practice areas such as litigation and family law to effectively address your specific legal needs.

It is essential to carefully evaluate your legal requirements and select a lawyer who specializes in the specific area of law relevant to your case. For example, if you are dealing with a complex divorce or child custody issues, it is recommended to seek a family law attorney with a proven track record in such cases. Similarly, if you are involved in a dispute that may result in litigation, choosing a lawyer with substantial experience and expertise in litigation can significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

Additional Lawyers in Saint John, NB

Discover various legal professionals in Saint John, New Brunswick, such as Gillis Rodney J, Northrup & Company, Carleton Law Group, and Gilbert McGloan Gillis, offering a range of legal expertise and services.

Gillis Rodney J is a well-known lawyer in Saint John, specializing in criminal defense, personal injury, and family law, providing strong advocacy for clients.

Northrup & Company is recognized for its proficiency in real estate law and business transactions, playing a crucial role in facilitating successful property deals and corporate transactions in the area.

Carleton Law Group excels in estate planning and civil litigation, helping withdividuals and businesses in navigating complex legal matters with care and accuracy.

Gilbert McGloan Gillis focuses on corporate law and intellectual property rights, making significant contributions to supporting local businesses and innovators with their legal requirements.

Gillis Rodney J

Gillis Rodney J is a legal practitioner in Saint John known for providing services in personal injury cases and other legal matters, showing a strong dedication to client advocacy.

With a wealth of experience, Gillis Rodney J exhibits a deep understanding of the complexities involved in personal injury cases. Their extensive knowledge of the legal system enables them to navigate through intricate legal issues effectively, ensuring that clients receive proper information and assistance throughout the legal process. By giving priority to client needs and concerns, Gillis Rodney J has developed a reputation for delivering compassionate and tailored representation. Their history of successful outcomes across various legal matters reflects their expertise and commitment to serving clients’ best interests.

Northrup & Company

Northrup & Company is well-regarded for their expertise in dispute resolution and mediation, offering a wide range of legal services to clients in Saint John, New Brunswick, with a focus on achieving amicable resolutions. Their team of experienced lawyers is recognized for their ability to facilitate constructive discussions between parties, effectively aiding in conflict resolution both in and out of the courtroom.

By employing a collaborative approach and showing a commitment to understanding each client’s individual needs, Northrup & Company has successfully guided numerous individuals and businesses towards mutually beneficial outcomes. The firm’s history of positive results and high client satisfaction underscores their dedication to providing exceptional legal services in the field of dispute resolution and mediation.

Carleton Law Group

Carleton Law Group specializes in construction law and commercial litigation, providing customized legal services to clients in Saint John, New Brunswick, to effectively navigate complex legal challenges.

The firm’s specialization in construction law enables them to help clients with issues like contract disputes, project delays, and construction defects, ensuring the protection of their clients’ rights and interests. Carleton Law Group’s expertise in commercial litigation allows them to advocate for businesses involved in disputes concerning contracts, partnerships, and regulatory compliance. By tailoring legal solutions to meet individual client needs, the firm aims to address specific concerns and achieve favorable outcomes.

Gilbert McGloan Gillis

Gilbert McGloan Gillis is a legal firm known for its expertise in mediation and estate planning services. They provide strategic counsel to clients in Saint John, New Brunswick, for their legal needs.

The firm’s proficiency in mediation and estate planning demonstrates their deep understanding of resolving disputes and handling estate matters. Gilbert McGloan Gillis is committed to offering customized solutions that cater to each client’s specific situation, ensuring the protection of assets and effective execution of wishes. Through personalized advice and legal services, they have assisted many clients in attaining peace of mind and security in their estate planning efforts.

Feenan Law

Feenan Law specializes in offering expert legal services in the fields of labour, employment, and administrative law, providing strategic advice and representation to clients in Saint John, New Brunswick.

With a focus on labour, employment, and administrative law, Feenan Law is well-equipped to handle intricate legal matters concerning employment relationships, workplace regulations, and government interactions. Through tailored guidance and dedicated representation, the firm enables clients to make informed choices and safeguard their rights. Their proficiency not only benefits individual clients but also plays a role in shaping legal precedents and promoting best practices within the wider legal community, encouraging a culture of compliance and responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lawyers in Saint John, NB

Receive answers to common questions about lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick, including information on the legal services available, the qualifications of the New Brunswick Bar, and tips for selecting appropriate legal representation.

Understanding the function of the New Brunswick Bar is crucial when searching for legal services in Saint John. The New Brunswick Bar ensures that lawyers in the province adhere to the necessary standards of professionalism and ethics.

When choosing a lawyer, factors to consider include their proficiency in the relevant area of law for your case, their experience handling similar cases, and their communication approach. Reading reviews or seeking recommendations from reliable sources can aid in identifying the most suitable legal representation for individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 best lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick?

The top 5 best lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick are Mosher Chedore, Gorman Nason Lawyers, Feenan Law, Cox & Palmer – Saint John, and Lawson Creamer Lawyers.

How can I contact Mosher Chedore, one of the top 5 best lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick?

You can contact Mosher Chedore at their office located at 885 Danells Dr, Saint John, NB E2M 5A9, Canada.

What types of legal services does Gorman Nason Lawyers, one of the top 5 best lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick, offer?

Gorman Nason Lawyers offers a wide range of legal services including family law, real estate law, wills and estates, and more.

Where is Feenan Law located, one of the top 5 best lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick?

Feenan Law is located at 1 Germain St #1212, Saint John, NB E2L 4V1, Canada.

How can I reach Cox & Palmer – Saint John, one of the top 5 best lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick?

You can reach Cox & Palmer – Saint John by visiting their office at Brunswick Square, 1 Germain St suite 1500, Saint John, NB E2L 4V1, Canada.

What areas of law does Lawson Creamer Lawyers, one of the top 5 best lawyers in Saint John, New Brunswick, specialize in?

Lawson Creamer Lawyers specializes in corporate and commercial law, litigation, and personal injury law.

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